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Elected Official Accountability

Roles and Responsibilities

Board of Education

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education has five primary duties / responsibilities, which include:

  1. Employ the Superintendent 

  2. Establish Policy 

  3. Determine annual operating and capital budgets 

  4. Approve student assignment boundaries 

  5. Oversee the management of the school districts major systems including budget  and finance, curriculum and instruction, personnel and auxiliary services

The AAC-MCDP wants to ensure that the Board of Education reflects, and actively represents the interest of African-American students (and families) through its policies, curriculum, and funding decisions.

Board of County Commissioners

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners holds the primary responsibility of developing and adopting the annual County budget.  Through that process, the Board has the ability to set the County property tax rate, and assess and establish priorities for community needs (including, but not limited to health, education, welfare, and the environment).

The Board also serves a critical human resource function by appointing the County Manager and selecting residents to serve on citizen advisory committees.

Charlotte City Council

The Charlotte City Council maintains the following responsibilities:

  1. Appointing the City Manager, City Attorney, City Clerk and members of various
    boards and commissions


  2. Enacting ordinances, resolutions and orders

  3. Reviewing the annual budget, setting the tax rate, and approving the financing of the
    city operations


  4. Authorizing contracts on behalf of the city

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