The AAC Endorsement Process

Thoughout the year, the AAC welcomes all Democratic elected officials and candidates for office to participate in our meetings and speak to our members.  As elections approach, the Caucus body will meet and vote on candidates to endorse.  The AAC will generally evaluate candidate endorsements on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with AAC purpose, mission, and objectives;

  • Platform to serve the African American residents of Mecklenburg County;

  • Engagement with the Caucus;

  • Willingness to propose and support legislation an policies to enrich the lives of African Americans;

  • Track record and demonstrated history of supporting the African American community;

Below are the results of recent candidate endorsements:

2020 Blue Ballot.jpg

2020 General Election "Blue Ballot" Guide is a resource for voters to identify all Democratic candidates running for federal, state, and local (Mecklenburg Co.) office.

2020 Primary Results.jpg

In the 2020 Democratic Primary Election, the AAC endorsed nine candidates.  Seven of those candidates won their contests (78%).