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Do you know who your judges are?


Do you know what your County Commissioners do?


Do you know how city government works together?

To answer these questions and more, the AAC has compiled a Voter Education Guide for the 2020 Election and beyond. 


This guide is designed to provide residents of Mecklenburg County a resource to identify all of the elected officials that serve them.  The most important aspect of the guide is the detail it provides around all local elected offices that are often overlooked by voters.

The guide describes the roles and responsibilities of each office, the elected official serving in that position, and the impact of those elected officials on the community.  The goal is to educate voters on the importance voting IN EVERY ELECTION and providing the knowledge for our community to make informed voting decisions.

The AAC-MCDP Voter Education Guide is available for purchase for $15.00.  To get yours today, please click here or on the picture above.

In addition to the guide, the AAC conducts teach-ins review the Voter Education Guide and answer questions from the community.  For dates and more information, please see the Events section of this website.

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